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Our Story

Welcome to Silly Goose Ridgefield!

Meet Kate, mom to these two silly geese, Mia (7) & Jack (3).

"Teaching for twenty-one years helped to mold me into the person I am today.  Working with children from kindergarten to fifth grade gave me a better understanding of what engages them.  Teaching students with disabilities was a highlight of my career.  Whether it was making up a silly song to remember math facts or doing hands-on crafts to enrich a story, finding creative ways to engage with my students was where I shined. Founding a summer camp and running it for ten years was my passion.  Being able to bring a play-based educational learning experience that included a traditional summer camp feel with high-energy games and crafts was something I am most proud of.  After having my second child, I was trying to figure out my next chapter.  Being at home I could focus on what I was passionate about and Silly Goose was born."

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